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Monday, 1 August 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 1st August


It's the night of the Casino heist. Ryan is part of this daft plan in order to raise £5K to buy into a bar in Ibiza (Ryan should probably read up on Brits living abroad, post-Brexit). Debbie outlines her plan to him, describing it as the "perfect victimless crime". You know you're in a soap don't you, Debs? She changes her mind pretty quickly after a pep talk with Kevin and tells Ryan it's off, but after his pep talk from Alya  (without her knowing the deets), Ryan decides it's back on. He fuses the lights and Debbie orders everyone out whilst Ryan thieves the money. It's hardly the perfect crime given that Ryan's DNA is going to be all over that office. Leanne stomps back and discovers that she can just turn the lights back on, so Ryan has to pretend he's just arrived. Everyone goes back to the Bistro, just before Leanne finds out that all the cash is missing and they call the cops. I wonder how long before Leanne works it out? She has form with fraud, after all.

Aaron wants Summer to go to counselling to get over her body dysmorphia. I do wonder if this is all an excuse for Aaron not to go on holiday - if he is being abused at home then would his abuser allow him to go off to Barcelona Edinburgh Barcelona? Not the usual abuser behaviour.

I think we're all a bit bored of Summer now aren't we? Roll on Autumn.


Sally and Faye do menopause chat with Sal once again suggesting HRT, which Faye rejects. It's not just about mood swings and hot flushes, Faye, you're at risk of osteoarthritis and heart disease without any of that lovely oestrogen. Meanwhile, Tim has made a rookie mistake and not cleared his search history and Sally discovers the adult sites, which Tim has been using to "test his equipment". Sally unsurprisingly takes umbrage.


With Abi's encouragement, Ken and Wendy Flamin' Crozier reconnect over a cup of tea and a frozen veggie lasagne - Ken knows how to woo a pensioner, doesn't he. It'll be bingo and 2-4-1 deals at the local Brewers Fayre next week.

And finally, Sean tries to cook roast pork for Dylan, who's more interested in pizza, so he serves it up overcooked to Eileen, Todd and George, who ends up breaking a tooth. I'm assuming this was the comedy storyline??

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Anonymous said...

I know ryan needs a story but haway the writers could surely dream up something better. As for summer, what a complete bore

Humpty Dumpty said...

I like writing my own scripts so here's a suggestion of why Wendy Crozier has returned. Her day job is helping people like Abi but she also free-lances as a writer. Her latest article is about returning to discover what's happened to your old lovers. Probably not but if it is, you heard it here first!

dhvinyl said...

Never mind all that…..what is the likelihood of the male population of Coronation Street all having beautifully pristine monkey suits for a tinpot gambling night ? Never mind how did Debbie acquire and magic in that outsize gaming equipment. I was expecting Moss Bros product placement at the very least!! Still, at least Abi’s arms were covered!

Sharon boothroyd said...

Hmm, Humpty dumpty, wasn't Phil supposed to write Fizz's true life crime story?
Most of the writers in Corrie come to a bad end - look at Andy with Phelan!
I don't know what happened to Daniel's freelance efforts at The Gazette (In fact, most local papers have regular staff and don't employ freelances)
I'm pretty sure Ken's novel wasn't a great success, either!
I like the Ryan/ Debbie Heist plot. It's a nice change from Mr and Mrs miserable, Fay and Craig. I expect it will be Ryan's exit storyline.

Jeanie said...

I know beautiful people have body age problems too. It's a mental illness so not grounded in an accurate perception of one's body. But couldn't we please just have an actual overweight person with a poor self image as opposed to the slender and pretty Summer? It's just so incredibly tedious to hear this beautiful person banging on about how undesirable she is. Yeah, right, Summer. I really sympathize.Would have made more sense if it were someone like Craig and been more plausible.But no, he never had any trouble landing stunning lady friends, must be his scintillating personality, lol.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie..right, it should have been Craig after his transformation.
Humpty should be writing for Corrie

Anonymous said...

Is ryan leaving? Sure been a spare part since michelle and ali went

Anonymous said...

Fay and Craig have hardly been in it recently, so I don't understand your logic. Phill agreed to stop the book when he realised how upsetting it was for Fiz. Has Ryan confirmed his departure?

Anonymous said...

Severely doubt it. Very niche market that'll show not a lot of interest

Anonymous said...

I think it's very likely that Dev and Ronnie, at least, would have tux's.
Debbie said the gaming gear was in storage from Covid from one of her hotels, but I guess your weren't listening

Anonymous said...

I agree anon 11.28. you always get people questioning things on here, that they don't need to if they'd watched/listened to the episode. I agree, I heard Debbie say that about the gaming stuff, but I wasn't waiting for Moss Bros sponsorship, I was watching the episode

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe that is the reason why they did this storyline, because people think it only happens to fat people. Google Reid Ewing and see that body dyphmorphia happens to all.


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