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Monday, 8 August 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 8th August

No-one's forgiving Stu any time soon, I guess until the Nazirs find out that the murder was a miscarriage of justice at any rate. I wonder if this story has been influenced by the rise in true crime podcasts and investigating cold cases. Anyhoo, D.I. Kelly is on the case, as she finds Stu unconscious in the street. She is getting somewhere with him until she persuades Yasmeen to go to the hospital to talk to him, which doesn't go well and then he turns on our Kel.

Does Yasmeen even need a boyfriend? At some point, the current senior cast is going to be retired or gone and there needs to be a new cabal of oldsters to take over the snug in the pub. Before Cathy left, I thought that Yas, Cathy and Elaine would make a good new Ena, Minnie and Martha. That's no good if Yasmeen is going to be spending all her time chasing after feckless men.

Someone who does need ostracising is Leo who still thinks he's done nowt wrong accepting a job in Canada and then persuading his girlfriend to leave her friends, family and business without even telling her he was applying for said job. I do hope the end of this storyline is him leaving alone to go to Uncy Stephen-land and failing to fix sinkholes there. Daisy tries to persuade Jenny to go, mostly so she can get her hands on the pub, but then Leo says he will turn the job down.

We're all loving Glenda, aren't we? Total hun and with lines from Dame Jonathan of Harvey, she is a marvel (I do hope she's named for our esteemed blog editor). She tracks down Lawrence, the funeral dentist, on the internet and arranges a date/check up for Sean, although it turns out that Lawrence doesn't work there any more. Eileen, in a minority of one, is annoyed by the good witch/patron saint of the gays. Oh, Ei.

Nick and Leanne are pretty dubious about Debbie and Ryan's cock 'n' bull story. Surely Little Miss Stompy Leanne is going to work it out sooner or later. Ry is given a date at the magistrate's court and so decides, with all of his usual intelligence, to fake CCTV footage of him being forced to do the robbery. Unsurprisingly Ms Webster is a Debbie Downer on this idea, which doesn't stop Ryan trying to fix the CCTV system from a youtube video. First step: don't use a wheelie bin in place of a ladder. Ronnie catches him and tells him not to make any more dumb mistakes. Ronnie, this is Ryan we're talking about.

Finally, Spider's back! Toyah, who's taken time out from her grief to dye her hair blonde, tells him how lonely she is, which Spider passes on to Little Miss Stompy - who asks her to move in with her and Nick. Surely that'd make you feel worse!?

(Sorry about the lack of pics on this blog post: I usually copy them from the Corrie previews part of the ITV website, and they haven't updated it this week).

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Pat said...

I seem to be in the minority but I can’t take to Glenda. She’s a bit too loud and pushy for me.
Also I can’t stand Leanne when she does that arms folded, chin in the air, deadpan voice act. She is also such a hypocrite about Ryan considering her past record.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I agree with you about Toyah dyeing her hair. It seems a bit OTT, especially with the tragedy she's endured recently.
When Archie Shuttleworth was in Corrie, I don't remember him mentioning having any children.
I'm sure he also left this funeral business to someone else on the street but I cant' recall who - which makes the existence of children even more stranger, because surely they'd inherit the business instead?
George has it, so what happened there?
I agree with you Pat, Jane Danson plays Leeanne as hostile and angry most of the time.
She did sadness and tears with Oliver but it didn't last long and she was soon back in 'warrior' mode.
I reckon that most of the cast have slipped into 'comfort zone personalities' with their characters.
Due to fast turnaround, there's very little direction that's dished out.
I think most directors let them get on with it, and are more concerned with clinching fancy camera angles in an effort to impress the audience.

Roni said...

I didn't even notice Toyah dyed her hair that's how boring I find her storyline.


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