Saturday, 18 April 2009

Who the devil is Durno Johnston?

Durno Johnston is one of the directors at Coronation Street and every time his name comes on screen I think to myself "Who the devil is Durno Johnston?" Perhaps you do too, or perhaps you have a life. Anyway, I decided to do some googl... sorry, some extensive research to find out just who Durno Johnston is.

The first thing I find out is that he's called Neil Johnston and I dunno where the Durno comes from. It's a little difficult to find out much about him but there once was a Camera Operator at Coronation Street called Neil Johnston so it could be that he moved on from that to become Director. As Director, he did use the name Neil Johnston before changing it to Durno. Anyone know why? Or if you are Mr Johnston and you're reading this and thiking "what a pile of tosh" and would like to explain all, do please feel free. Oh go on, you know you want to.

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Anonymous said...

Yes it's the same crazy dude. Durno is his middle name and sounds a bit more artsy for directing. He'll be thrilled someone's so interested. Hope that helps and you can finally sleep at night.

emmak1981 said...

5 years on, a reply. What happened to technology?

I also Googled the name as it just cropped up on the 8:30pm Monday 12th May 2014 episode.

A Neil Durno Johnston cropped up on Facebook, whether or not that's him I'm not sure, but it was the closest I could find

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