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Tuesday 26 February 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, February 25, 2008

Greetings and welcome to another weekly update. The update’s a bit late this week as I was out on the razzle last night and have only just caught up with Corrie now. The update will also be a day late next week as I’m off on my spring jollies. And so, as we’re late with the update already, let’s crack on and without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

This was the week when Corrie had one baby with two dads and one mum with two sons and everyone got into a pickle of sorts. First off, let’s talk about the babe with two dads. Pregnant Violet decides to do a runner darn sarth with Jamie and they plan their escape. Unfortunately their plans to get away from Sean before the baby’s birth are scuppered when Violet goes into labour in the bar of the Rovers. Jamie’s on his way to a mate in London in the discrete getaway vehicle they’d hoped would take them away from the cobbles without anyone noticing. But a bright orange, clapped out banger of a car might not have been such a good idea after all. So as Jamie’s driving off, Violet’s giving birth in the Rovers with Sean supporting her head and Marcus at the business end. After the regulars had been thrown out and the birthing process started proper, there was panting and screaming, hyperventilating and clenching of teeth and Violet wasn’t much better. At the bar, Eileen and Liz looked on, awed by the wonder of the womb while Vernon came over all peculiar and had to disappear for some mixers. As Marcus is a trained midwife the baby was brought into the world safely and then bundled off to t’hospital. Sean’s loving being a dad, has taken paternal leave, wants his name on the birth certificate and dreams of teaching his new son, Dylan-James-Wilson-Tully-Barlow, show tunes to his heart’s content. But Violet and Jamie have other plans and while Jamie still wants to leave the Street and Sean behind, Violet’s starting to feel that she wants to stick around. Oh go, just go.

And now for the mum with two sons. Yes, this is Michelle Connor and she hasn’t got a clue. Not content with the son she’s got, she takes it upon herself to offer a home to Alex, the son she’s just found. It’s a plan that’s not going down well in the back room of the Rovers. Steve rolls his eyes, tuts and expresses his exasperation. Ryan stays out of the way and feels disenfranchised (I have no idea what that means but I wanted to use it). Steve does his best to like Alex and asks him to look after Amy but when Amy skips off down the ginnel, Steve loses his temper with Michelle’s golden boy who locks himself in the Rovers. There’s a crowd of thirsty regulars wanting a pint but they can’t get in as they’ve been locked out. In the back room, Michelle tries to get through to Alex while Steve searches for Amy. Norris turns out to be the hero of the hour when he finds Amy wandering the Street with her dolly while Alex turns out to be the villain of the piece. Boo hiss, etc. However, mum Michelle asks him to stay in the Rovers for another week. “And then he’s out, I promise,” she tells Steve, who rolls his eyes, tuts and expresses his exasperation once more.

Elsewhere this week, LiaMaria returned from honeymoon in Venice. One minute the new Mrs Connor is sipping a champagne breakfast in a posh hotel alongside a canal, possibly watching pigeons from her window, and the next she’s got her hands in rubber gloves in Audrey’s salon, cleaning hair balls from the sinks, and possibly watching pigeons from her window.

Emily’s charity at th’ospital got a bonus load of clothes this week. The Friends of Weatherfield General have never had it so good. First off she was given a load of Violet’s old clothes when Vi and Jamie have a clear out in the flat and then a tearful Jack handed over Vera’s clothes. With Molly’s help, Jack decided it was time to go through Vera’s things and he mused over her shoes. She had four pairs. Her shoes, her other shoes, her good shoes and her best shoes, and Jack always knew which ones she meant.

Meanwhile, David and Tina make Gail’s life even more miserable than it already is. They move in, take over, mess up and leave Gail to clear up after them both, which she stupidly does, so really, ladies and gentlemen, she’s only got herself to blame, I’m sure you agree. When Tina told David that she was still mates with one of her ex-fellas, David went into a strop. “I’m not in a strop,” he said and then regaled Tina with tales of his ex-girlfriends, like, um, ooh, who was it again… oh yes, Tracy and Maria. He’s mental that David.

Over in the Rovers, the pub underwent its big revamp this week which left it looking like the old vamp it always was. Builders Mick and Sam did the job after drinking tea with five sugars and a bit of encouragement from Vernon with his “bish, bash, bosh”. I don’t know what that was but it seemed to do the trick as the two builders were in and out of there quick-sharp.

Also this week, Carla asked Eyeball Tony the Catalogue Man to move into her flat with her, so he did. He’s too scary for my liking but at least it takes her mind off brother-in-law Liam and his new wife, the other Mrs Connor. But would Tony be so keen on Carla if he knew the truth?

And the bookies had a bit of a storyline this week when Dan the Bookie Man paid out Jack’s win of over £3,000 to Paul. He knew Paul hadn’t told Jack that he’d found the missing betting slip and blackmailed Paul to give him a share of the cash. Later, the older and wiser Harry offered Jack payment on his yankee as a gesture of goodwill but when Dan found out, he told Paul he wanted all three grand of the cash back that he’d given him earlier. Both of them squared up to each other on the Street, both of them less threatening than squaring up to Amy Barlow. “I want me money back. So there.” said Dan, trying to be tough. “Shan’t! Nah-nah-ne-nah-nah” replied Paul before sticking out his tongue and skipping away, a bit fey.

Coronation Street writers this week were Martin Allen, Damon Rochefort, Chris Fewtrell, Jan McVerry and Carmel Morgan.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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