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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Coronation Street writer profile: John Kerr

John Kerr (left) with Debbie Oates (centre) and Damon Rochefort (Right)
Photograph from @DamonCorrie on twitter, July 2016
A new Coronation Street writer joined the ranks with John Kerr penning his first Corrie episode aired on Wednesday 7 January, 2009.

John has been a writer on rival soap Emmerdale since 2004. There's not much else to report on John just yet, but thanks go to him for being the first Coronation Street writer to rename Dev's new girlfriend as Tara Boom-de-ay and for bringing us the soap lust game Happy Plumbers (to be played in the bath).

If you can help update this Corrie writer's profile, leave a comment below or email me here.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not very impressed with the way John Kerr wrote Corrie on Thursday, 4th August at 8.30PM. I counted four people smoking, and as I think there is too many people smoking to start with, this could just influence people to either continue, start for their first time, or not help to those that are trying to give it up. I thought it was rather disgraceful that smoking should be used where it is watched by many people who will 'copy' these ideas. Please stop allowing the cast to smoke as it is not necessary at all.

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