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Corrie writer profile: Debbie Oates

Debbie Oates (Centre) with John Kerr (left) and Damon Rochefort (Right)
Photograph from @DamonCorrie on twitter, July 2016

Sources:, The Agency

Debbie Oates has been writing for Coronation Street since 2002 when her first script was transmitted in November of that year. In 2012 Debbie wrote episodes that won a BAFTA for Best Soap. In 2012, the episode ‘Becky’s Final Farewell’ won the Soap Award for Best Single Episode, and is nominated for a Writers Guild Award for Best Epidsode of a Long-Running Series.

As well as Coronation Street, Debbie has written episodes of other excellent TV shows including Robin Hood, Fat Friends and Drop Dead Gorgeous. She also wrote nine episodes of Liverpool soap Brookside.

Radio work includes two plays which were both transmitted on BBC Radio 4: Dennis Ockerby on Ice (which starred Corrie's own David Neilson aka Roy Cropper) and Pongo, Sadfish, Blackie and Sid.

However, it’s in theatre where Debbie Oates seems to have been most prolific. She’s written over 10 theatre plays and the list includes Angels and Amazons (1992) and Belly (2000).

Debbie was also selected for the Carlton Comedy Screenwriter’s Course and the BBC Drama Screenwriting Course.

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