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Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Todd Boyce interview: Stephen gives Elaine an overdose

How is he feeling about Jenny and Owen getting close?

He really does have feelings for Jenny and he even tells her that he would prefer to be with her than Elaine because they would be so much better together. But she made it clear to him that whilst he was with Elaine there would be no chance for them. He realises that he probably shouldn’t have said that to her, so now he thinks he has to bide his time. But the last thing he needs is Owen moving in on Jenny, they could end up being together for years and he only sees Elaine as a short term thing before he gets together with Jenny. He is with Elaine for the money and what he can get from that relationship. He sees Jenny as the end goal, he has been insane about her from the moment they kissed.

Were his feelings for Jenny a bit of a catalyst for the start of his killing spree?

The simple panic was that Leo knew too much but it is all tied in with Jenny, it is so sickening that he killed her fiance then moved in quite easily to adopt her as his love interest. And he wanted Teddy out of the way, either over in Canada and ultimately dead because Teddy was also starting to say things to Jenny about Leo’s disappearance. 

Would Leo be capable of killing Owen if he gets in his way?

I am sure the viewers will probably think he is at risk, every time someone upsets Stephen the viewers think they are going to die or should watch their back. He certainly sees Owen as someone who is in his way.

Is he frustrated that he has been caught out because Owen and Jenny have spoken to each other about what he has been saying?

He can’t believe it, he had asked Jenny not to say anything and he thought he could play them off against each other. He is so used to lying now, he has become so good at it, he is one of those people who don’t actually think he is lying any more. He is serving himself all the time with these lies.

Owen says he will sack Stephen the minute he takes over Underworld how does he react?

First he tries to reason with Owen and convince him he should keep him on. When Owen refuses Stephen is grasping at straws and he knows the only way is to persuade Carla not to sell but she tells him she has to think about her mental health. It is so ironic that he is the one who made Carla think her mental health problems had resurfaced and now that is going to cost him everything and he is in this vulnerable position. It is a terrific twist. Talk about an own goal.

Is this the start of Stephen unravelling and making mistakes that will catch him out?

I think it could be, the walls are closing in on him, he is not going to be able to persuade Elaine to invest in the factory, that is the first route he takes but she is having non if it. Once that route is not an option he is starting to think he will have to kill her now to get the insurance money. 

What makes him decide to spike her drink with the caffeine pills?

It is the start of him trying to get rid of her, he wants to set up the idea that her health is failing. It is a knee jerk reaction, Leo’s and Teddy’s deaths were in moments of panic. Rufus had him on the ropes, he was fighting for survival. This is the same, he is running out of options and panic sets in. 

What happens when he gives her the caffeine tablets? 

He gives her the tablets and then he acts as the concerned partner, despite knowing that he is the one that has made her feel so ill and dizzy. He plays the part perfectly. He isn't planning to kill her at that point. He is trying to destabilise her. He offers to go out and get her some food and leaves her in the flat but when he comes back she has fallen.

How does he feel at that moment?

He is genuinely shocked and there is a moment when it looks like her is going to revive her. But then you can see the cogs turning and he thinks let’s see how this turns out and maybe it might be the perfect ending! He leaves, crossing his fingers that she will die before she is discovered.

Do you think Tim is a risk to him?

Tim is an enormous risk, he sees who Stephen is and Stephen knows that he can’t pull the wool over eyes forever. He is really bad news for Stephen. 

Does Stephen even like Elaine?

I have really wondered about that. I want him to but sadly I don't think he does. It is very sad that he is putting her through what she went through with Jeff, that he is using her previous abusive relationship to gaslight her and use her. He uses people’s weakness and capitalises on that.

Obviously you returned to the show knowing you were playing a killer and therefore a character with a shelf life. Are you excited about what the end of the story might be?

Yes I am, we are going to see him start taking risks as he gets more desperate, his life is starting to unravel and it is going to be interesting to see how he deals with the pressure. He is bound to start making mistakes and that could be his undoing.

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Leo can't kill Owen because he's already dead...Stephen might though


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