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Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 3rd October


Boring old Stu arranges to meet up with his granddaughter Eliza in Speed Daal. It's all going well with her and Bridget until Lucy (Stu's ex-wife and everyone's number one suspect for the murder) turns up and kicks off.

Alya meets with Deedee, who says there was none of Stu's DNA on Charlie's bag and they need to get the evidence re-tested, which will be pricey. Stu finds Yasmeen asking Stephen for money and then decides he doesn't want to carry on with the investigation. Pretty sure Alya and Zee should've been doing a true crime podcast all this time, they'd have cracked it by now.


Meanwhile, Ronnie who has his finger in many pies, but doesn't seem to have a job or a business, apart from sitting around the Bistro flirting with Debbie, organises a coaching job for James in Lewisham in that London. He could go visit Spider's juice bar in Streatham - I presume he sold it on to someone else. It's also near where Danny lives, according to James. Danny?! Is he sitting around pining for James? Seems unlikely that a handsome lad wouldn't be taking full advantage of whatever Grindr has to offer in south London. James says he is off to London tonight. Good luck getting on an Avanti train, mate! Are we going to miss James? I've never been very convinced by him, and I'm preferring Deedee so far.


Jenny is wallowing in wine and nineties rom-coms (hold the com) until Rita fetches up to giver her a "now look here, lady" talking-to. Downstairs, Glenda turns up for the quiz in a fabulous jacket and two cans of Elnett in her bouffant. Unforch for her, Jenny has rallied and wants to host(ess) the quiz. But then a twist - literally, as Jenny slips on the floor that our Glen has just mopped. Glenda takes over and revitalises the pub quiz format by introducing a flip 'n' sip round and a jig-tig round. I'd prefer capital cities, to be honest. Jenny is fumin'.

Ken is working on the script for Roxanna, much to Mary and Brian's chagrin as Wendy now has more lines. I can't help but feel this story is the writers having a little bit of a sarcastic go at the actors who want to meddle with the scripts. More shockingly, Nigel doesn't turn up to the rehearsal. You can't have a rehearsal sans director! Probably the first rule of am-dram.


And finally, Dev turns up at no. 5 - as Bernie is bleaching her upper lip and toes - to declare his undying, erm, love with a bunch of the cheapest carnations from outside his shop. She resigns as his cleaner and this leads to her taking more "work" from Fern. This will end well!

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Bobby Dazzler said...

What kind of work is she doing for Fern? This side of the law?

Anonymous said...

A low key exit for james bailey which is fitting for a character who did very little during the latter days of his stint on the show

Anonymous said...

I live next to Streatham and my work is next to Lewisham - and I am telling you, Grindr around here, pfft. Non-existent. James is safe, he is sexy and Danny will wait!

Louby said...

Anyone else think that if the murderer is the ex-wife that's way too obvious? Is it possible it was his daughter, or would she have been too young at the time?

I'm typing this comment after seeing Tuesday's episode and the am dram stuff, can't wait for that to be over! A way of getting Ken and Wendy back together probably.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Deedee has come in to join an existing family which anchors her to the street straightaway. She has already made a connection with Alya and Stu. Deedee is character-driven unlike James who was issue-driven and never really made any friendships beyond the family. Almost certain that she'll get the job at the solicitor's when Adam becomes conveniently overworked.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I'm getting fed up of the silly am dram stuff (Wouldn't they rehearsing for a panto now?) and the Stu back story.
Why was it brought in - to tie him more to Yasmeen and her family?
Does anyone really care about it?
Stu keeps banging on about dropping the case and leaving the past in the past.
Fine - get on with it! Instead, people stand about and endlessly discuss it while nothing changes.
It's got to be the ex wife who did it. The sooner this is revealed, the better! Then at last we can move on from this tedious, plodding storyline.
I'd like to see Stu split from Yasmeen (Was it a romance that ever got off the ground?) and be in a love triangle between down to earth Bernie and gentle Gail.
Dev and Bernie getting back together will probably lead to him mistaking Fern for her.
I reckon he'll become involved with both women, as he can't make his mind up who he wants. I think he'll ditch Bernie for Fern though - and of course, Fern will secretly scam him or steal from him in some way...

Anonymous said...

that fern story is daft as well. Wonder how many remember her as natalie horrocks sister a few year ago

Anonymous said...

Nope. Defo daughter Bridget. I really don't think even Dev world mix those two up, even if they may look slightly similar, their voices and accents are totally different.

coconno196 said...

Stu's story needs winding up now. I think wife or Charlie's ex. Lucy covering up in order to get tired of Stu.
Bernie and Fern aren't identical in spite of efforts of hair and makeup dept. Nobody in an - ahem - intimate relationship could confuse them.
AmDram with only 3 characters? I expect Evelyn will be brought back in.
Must say I like this incarnation of Wendy. Much nicer than I remember her.


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