Monday, 29 September 2008

Corrie writer profile: Julie Jones


In addition to writing episodes of Coronation Street, Julie Jones has also written episodes of Brookside and Britannia High and, ahem, Shaun the Sheep. Oh yes.

Unfortunately, there's not much more information about this Corrie writer that I'm able to find. Can you help?

If you can help update any of the Corrie writers’ profiles or provide their up to date pics, do please let me know.

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Dave Anderson said...

Julie is a lovely, caring, talented person who has also written for 'Emmerdale'. When I knew her, before she broke into t'telly, she was writing for local theatre and had a successful career in advertising as a freelance copywriter.

Dave Anderson (who actually wrote an episode of 'Corrie' back in the days of Stan and Hilda).

Anonymous said...

Nearly forgot. She's also written for "Bob the Builder".

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