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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Corrie writer profile: Simon Crowther

Sources: IMDB,,, Wales Online

Simon Crowther (or Simon Crowther Jones as he’s sometimes credited) is the husband of ex-Coronation Street producer, Kim Crowther, pictured here. I bet tea-times in their house are fun. The couple have two children, Danielle and Jake.

Simon has an MA in Screenwriting, a BA in Film Studies and has worked as a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University.

Simon has written episodes of Hollyoaks as well as Coronation Street and in addition to scriptwriting, he’s also a director.

With two of his colleagues from the Street writing team, Damon Rochefort and Chris Fewtrell, Simon Crowther was commissioned to write pilot scripts for two new proposed ITV dramas this year; Stretch and Home Team.

Find out more about Simon Crowther from this interview in Wales Online:  "I was born at St. David’s Hospital in Canton in 1976 and brought up in Penylan. I went to Llanedeyrn High, which I still can’t spell! I went to the Northern Film School in Leeds, flirted with being a TV commercials director, but mainly tried to write screenplays. I became a TV writer for the regular work.

How did you get the gig on Coronation Street?
About seven years ago the then Corrie producer Steve Frost called me having read a comedy of mine at Granada, and offered me a place on the writing team. Jack Rosenthal, one of my heroes, started out on Coronation Street, and I’d always liked Tony Warren’s writing, and Harry Kershaw’s. Plus lots of my family are northern, so the warmth and humour was very familiar to me, the love of language, the tone of it. I’ve always felt at home on the show. You can write in your own voice.

What are some of the major storylines you’ve been responsible for on Coronation Street?
On Corrie, we often pitch stories on our own or in pairs, but then they’re hit around the conference room. Nobody takes ownership or sole credit for a story. I seem to have written a few deaths recently – Jack Duckworth’s, Schmeichel the dog’s, Betty’s funeral, but I don’t know why they’ve fallen to me."

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Anonymous said...

Simon Crowther is my favourite corrie writer :)

Glenda Young said...

I must admit I can't tell when it's a "Simon". I can tell when Jonathan Harvey is the writer or Carmel Morgan. What is it about Simon Crowther you enjoy so much?

Anonymous said...

well my favourite character is carla and simon crowther writes fantastic episodes for her, such as the hotel scenes with liam. i am very much pro liarla and love the one liners simon dishes out. :)

Anonymous said...

I remember him being my lecturer in my first year at Sheffield Hallam. Seemed like a good egg, pleased to see he's doing so well.

Glenda Young said...

Thanks for the info, Scott!

Anonymous said...

Are they related to Leslie Crowther?

Anonymous said...

In reply to Anonymous... no relation to Leslie Crowther at all.

Unknown said...

Did Simon Crowther study at Sheffield Hallam too? (Broomgrove Hall 94-95?) I have lots of very happy memories of a mate of the same name. If so, I hope you are keeping well! Cait


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