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Sunday 26 November 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 24 November 2023

Welcome.  To be honest I am not entirely sure what I am about to write tonight as it was a little mixed.

I suppose I might start with the children - I might not have enjoyed my schooldays - but I was never absent without good reason.  So I cannot grasp Dylan and Mason simply deciding not to attend - which when Mrs Crawshaw rings Sean to enquire about the formers absence leads to him and Gary going looking for the reprobate.  Mason decides that distracting Simon from loading the vapes into Peter's car is a good jape - and Simon leaves the boot open enabling Dylan to enable the vapes to fall out of the boot into his waiting arms.  Almost immediately a vape is flogged to Gav by Mason who fingers Dylan as the friend of the vendor.  Peter immediately storms around to number eleven and rapidly disassembles the front door with brute force and grabs Dylan wanting an explanation.  Mason has done a runner.  Obviously Dylan is not stupid and there is no sign of vapes and Peter has to concede his potential error, even though he knows he is right as Eileen and George arrive.  

Bernie will be wintering at His Majesty's pleasure and consequently will miss Paul's last Christmas.  Within a few minutes the entire family are in fancy dress and singing carols at the front door - Bernie will have her family Christmas early including the obligatory Nana singalong..

In a sideline that might go missing early on this evening Peter is told by Sean about the financial bribe he and Beth are receiving to return to the factory.  Peter bustles down to the factory and ignoring all possible feelings asks Carla about it in front of Izzy and Sarah.  Izzy eventually catches on that she has been short changed - and there is another HR problem needing solution. It also leads to Peter and Carla again arguing about their lives and his wish to go away and live on a boat.  Later Carla arrives to find Sean haranguing Peter and the latter is not repentant.  Carla eventually extracts from Peter why he is out of sorts - he is suffering from the memory of killing Stephen.  Peter breaks down in tears he cannot get over Stephen's death.  Carla tells him he has to find a way of forgiving himself - but at the moment he cannot.  Carla assures him they will get through it together, but later tells the story to Sarah in such a way that undermines any belief we might have in intending to provide continuing support to Peter.

Random unpaid worker, Tony,  keeps popping up reminding Ed he needs paying.  Michael opens a letter from the Norris Cole credit card company saying that the card has been frozen due to potential illegal activity - and feels that he should speak to them as the adverse credit rating would be associated with the address.  (I can advise that in the UK it has for many years not been possible to "blacken" the name of a resident of a house with the credit activities of another "resident" - it used to be true but I can say with some certainty that is no longer allowed).  Ed's own card no longer functions in Roy's Rolls and he has clearly dropped a fortune recently.  I suspect Aggie already knows which is why she is no longer around (either give her a proper alibi or stop fudging the issue).  Ed meanwhile cannot be far off being found out and frankly I have little sympathy - his own brother has ignored the signs and driven the demon into the open and I cannot see Ed being forgiven again, particularly by Tony who has still not been paid.

Along at the Kabin Jenny, Daisy and Brian are discussing potential ways of borrowing money from the bank and Brian comes up with the wizard idea of selling designer coffee at exorbitant prices and maybe doing breakfasts with a whisky chaser as a USP!  Jenny writes up the proposition and meets the bank.  Later in Roy's Rolls she is discussing the outcome (no loan) with Daisy and reveals to Shona the plan.  Shona goes off on one about stealing Roy's business from under his nose - and yet until not that long ago Costa Coffee was closer being just the other side of the tram stop.  Both Jenny and Daisy blame Brian who admits it was probably a very poor idea and we are no closer to the Return of the Rovers.

Dylan barefacedly lies to Sean denying any involvement, keeping Mason out of it and then goes off to work at Prima Doner.  Dylan tells Mason that he stashed the vapes and knife in a bin and so Sean's searches were to no avail.  As Mason had established earlier this provides perfect cover for fencing the vapes and Mason sends his customers that way.  A highly convenient phone call distracts Dev and Dylan can flog the vape.  Mason is even going to give him a cut when he collects the cash whilst Sean extracts a promise that Dylan will not lie to him again and that there will be no more surprises (where have we heard that one before?).

I accept that the youth movement has to happen - but would Sean continually fall for Dylan's stories?  And Dev would never leave a new recruit alone on a shift or allow a personal bag to be in the working area allowing Dylan to shift his wares.  Not a great end to the week but no doubt we will all be back next week.

Written by Cameron McAllister and Ellen Taylor.  Directed by Brett Fallis.



Humpty Dumpty said...

Well, I'll say it again. My money is on Peter having a melt/breakdown over Christmas to co-incide with Simon feeling he has no future on the street. Off they go on a ship to rekindle their father-and-son relationship. Not a bad exit as Simon wanted to join the navy at 16 until Leanne put her foot down and it was agreed Simon could go at 18. Ship, navy, it's similar... Simon returns/doesn't return?

Anonymous said...

I will definitely miss Peter when he leaves but not Simon. That character should been recast years ago.

Anonymous said...

The scene have been filmed showing Peter leaving on his own

Fluttershy said...

Where is Lorna Laidlaw?


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