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Saturday 18 November 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 17 November 2023

I apologise for the hiatus in Friday updates.  Since I last wrote I have been in Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi and Texas.  I think I am up to date and ready to comment on the latest in nightwear.  

Steve recently observed to Tim that maybe things were not all they might be in the bedroom department with Tracy-luv and  this week I think we finally got the explanation of that observation - she has him trussed up in a onesie!  And as she tells him later that onesie is staying on.

Poor Dylan is in thrall to Mason to sell vapes.  Simon buys a couple - but after his experience with Jacob you might have thought he could offer to help Dylan sort out his bully when he returns them as they do not work.  Simon suggests Dylan should dump them.  Hope is hopeless and dobs Dylan in over his activities selling her a vape earlier in the week and whilst Sean does not want to believe it a quick search of the rucksack means that the evidence is deposited in a sink of water and is no longer fit for sale.  Poor Dylan - his assets getting drowned in water twice in one week!  Obviously Mason extracts his revenge for the lack of dosh and dispossesses Dylan of his new footwear - the trainers Sean gave him earlier in the week.  Dylan is refusing to admit that he is being bullied as that would mean a return to London and Violet.

Waterfords are not going to upgrade the Rovers.  Since the Stephen incident they have decided that they do not want to be the last place a murderer kidnapped people as part of their high end offerings and so the site is on the market for redevelopment for flats.  So at the moment the Bistro's business is sky high where Maria updates Jenny and Rita on the planning application.  

Ed has received a credit card in the name of Mr Norris Cole.  Aggie (who remains invisible and I can but offer our best wishes to Lorna Laidlaw with whatever is preventing her direct contribution to on screen action) has decreed that Gloria should have her own "Wendy House" in the back yard for Christmas adding yet another burden to Ed's shoulders, once the pallets have gone.  Ed asks Ronnie for money - but that is not on and he tells Ronnie that he has a GA meeting at the Community Centre but then books a cab to the casino in town.   Later Ed returns with a bright pink Wendy House to be offloaded and goes to cut up the credit card - but then stops.

With Trim Up North now off the scene a new home is needed for "Vin Diesel the weasel" and David promptly moves him into Audrey's.  Joint Chief Executive Officer Maria never took to the weasel - or Vin Diesel and tells David the weasel has to go - or else.  Or else what?  They consult Max on the retention of the weasel and whilst he may have family loyalties he is not prepared to cross either of his bosses and refuses to vote.  Audrey turns up whilst they are bickering (worse than any married couple) and tells them they must find ways of reaching a decision so David says they will ask the customers.  Most of the unseen polled customers are against the weasel so Max puts him in a skip; the end of Vin Diesel - not even allowed a taxi to leave the Street.

We finally get an explanation of Amy's late night clubbing escapades.  Dylan does not help by telling her that he is always the victim and this changes Amy's mind as it reminds her of her victimhood and she goes to the club again.  In the nightclub she spots a man doping a girl's drinks.  Amy knocks a drink over the girl and Amy warns off  the female nightclubber telling her that her drink was spiked and that she was raped.  The nightclubber departs and Amy gets asked what she said - she tells him her name is Claire and that he could do so much better than a drunken slapper.

A little later Dan (for such is his name) gets in the next round of drinks and Amy/Claire deftly switches the two drinks so that he picks up the one containing the drugs, whilst she is merely drinking alcohol.  Dan Morris (George Martin) get to imbibe his own poison.  We see them dancing and he is obviously suffering the effects of the drugs - he is hot and weaving around and the bouncers want him out.  Amy summons help from Aadi who borrows Dev's car and heads into town collecting Amy and her male companion.  Amy wants to dump him in a rough area with his mouth taped up - but Aadi convinces her to see some sense and they take the overdosed companion to A&E where no doubt the police are informed.  

Since Tinks was elevated is there a shortage of uniform officers and DS Swain turns up to ask Amy questions.  Lisa Swain is suspicious because this is the second time in two days that Amy has been at the centre of something unusual.  Amy accuses Dan of being a sexual predator - but the most that he can be asked questions about is having illegal drugs.  Amy and Aadi head home where she apologises for involving him.  Equally he regrets not having seen how much she had been affected by events and that he will always be there for her.  She looks like she might be about to kiss Aadi when onesie'd Steve and Tracy arrive downstairs having heard voices.  It is 2am and Amy assures her parents that she is done with the clubbing.

The warned off woman was played by Domonique Ward.  I guess it was only a matter of time before Amy's traumas would return to plague her, she is probably more traumatised by her parents' attire!  Do we know any property developers who would chance their arm converting the Rovers to flats and upset the residents at one and the same time - sounds like a gig for "Developments R Us" at No 1 Coronation Street.  Nice to be reminded how well David and Maria bicker when allowed!  How will Dylan explain the missing trainers - all this and more in next week's episodes.

Written by Emily Gascoyne.
Directed by Mickey Jones.



fairycake said...

So happy to see you back! I have really missed your reviews!! X

Sharon boothroyd said...

Welcome back!
I'm getting fed up of the school bullying plots. Wim itching for Dylan to say ' oh get off my my back, Mason' and walk away.
He could confide in Simon and Simon (with his Jake experience) could advise?
Although we don't know what Simon does now - he has a mystery job somewhere though.
Also, while I understand the jealousy thing with Nina/ Asha/ Isla , I thought Nina was studying fashion design at Uni. What happened to that?
Did she graduate or did she drop out?
Why wasn't Nina caught up with a new set of mates when she was at Uni?
It was nice to see Brian and Rita at The Kabin.
As we don't see Paul in his unicorn onesie any more, I loved Steve and Tracey's matching onesies!

Kosmo said...

Many thanks. I am glad to be back, although the holidays were great.

Cannot say I am that keen on the Dylan story myself - but I know that this is a long delayed story from covid times when it would have been a somewhat obvious story for a new arrival from "that London" - so it is one of those things.

I have also lost track of Nina's status - with such a large cast I think the writers struggle to maintain cohesivity in the way that used to happen - but then I have long been an advocate of less is more and that we should see far more of the usual lives "happening" rather than major stories driving action.

However that is not the way which modern continuing drama is run and I have to accept that is not going to happen.

Fluttershy said...

DS Ponytail is in this more than most of the regular cast. They need to promote her to a full time character asap. But then I'm still waiting for Ms Crawshaw and Dr Gaddas to get together (they'd make a cute couple)

Jeanie said...

I was wondering too when DS Swain would become a regular character! Pair her up with Adam perhaps, as a high powered crime fighting couple. There have been so many bullying story lines... Something new, please. The actor playing Dylan is great though, such an expressive face! And a good job in casting, he looks like Violet and Sean.


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