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Tuesday 28 November 2023

Rob Mallard interview: Daniel discovers the truth about Daisy's deceit

This week Daniel finds out from a video taken unknowingly by Ryan that Daisy has slept with him. How does Daniel initially feel? 

He was really shocked at first. Even though he was suspicious before, and he was actually on to the truth, he allowed doubt to get in and thought he was potentially just being paranoid. So, to have that turned on a dime and actually have the proof right there in front of him, the first thing he experienced was shock and then blind rage. 

Daniel was advising Adam not to give up on Sarah when they were in a similar situation, do you think Daniel will take his own advice? 

No, I think people are terrible at taking their own advice but are very good at giving it. But no, I don't think he would take his own advice. I don't think Daniel knows quite how he wants to react because he'll want two things simultaneously; he’ll want his dignity which would mean having to leave Daisy but he also does want Daisy as well, so in that sense he's kind of trapped.

Daniel believes that he and Daisy can move past things but then Ryan throws a spanner in the works and decides against moving to Glasgow. Will that change Daniel’s mind about giving it another go with Daisy? 

Yeah, I think he then goes to war psychologically with Ryan at that point, but he doesn't do battle with Ryan because it's all aimed at Daisy. It’s all aimed at showing Daisy as clearly as he possibly can what she could have if she chooses him, without him actually explicitly stating that that's the reason for it. Daniel puts an offer in on Red Bank flat and even starts to look at buying the pub for Daisy in the coming weeks so he fully throws himself into trying to get her to choose him. 

We’ve seen that Bertie thinks of Daisy as a mother figure and that would be heartbreaking for him to not only lose Sinead but also Daisy now too. Do you think Daniel will want to patch things up with Daisy for Bertie’s sake rather than his own? 

Yes, I think so but then at the same time, that's only a short term solution. In the short term, losing Daisy would be like losing another mother figure for Bertie which would be sad, but in the long term with Daisy’s unfaithfulness, the longer he allows that relationship to continue between Daisy and Bertie, the more she’ll be able to hurt him in the future. So for Bertie’s sake, the pain in the short term of losing Daisy would be better than the pain she could cause down the line. 

Obviously we’ve recently seen Daniel’s jealousy and darker side come out the past couple of weeks, should Ryan be watching his back? 

Daniel’s got aggression but he’s not necessarily a fighter. He’ll fight when it’s something that either triggers him or something that he very much cares about but he’s not hot headed to the point where his first thought is to use his fists. I do think that Ryan should watch out for the long-laid plans more than anything. I think Daniel would be much more likely to set traps for Ryan to fall into. Ryan decided not to move to Glasgow after being offered the job in the gym and Daniel decided to go to the gym company and expose Ryan’s past to them. That was warfare, but done behind the scenes to ruin Ryan’s chances of staying at Weatherfield. I think we can expect things like this to happen. 

Given his jealousy, do you think Daniel could ever fully forgive Daisy or would it always play at the back of his mind? 

I think once someone's demonstrated to you that they're able to lie to you like the way Daisy has, it would be really difficult to fully forgive. You may think that you can go back but you're always going to be suspicious, second guess everything that person says and wonder whether they’re actually where they say they are going to be. So, I think that’s unfortunately the future of Daniel and Daisy. 

What advice would you give Daniel if he was your friend? 

My main advice to Daniel would be to always put Bertie first. Put Bertie before his feelings and Daisy’s feelings. Like I said, he will need to work out the short term and long term damage that this would cause to Bertie most importantly and decide what is best for his future. 

And finally, the last time we spoke with you, you thought Daniel’s fight would lie with Daisy even after Bethany’s return. Do you think this will still be the case or could this be perfect timing for Daniel to pick things back up with Bethany? 

I think from Daniel’s point of view Bethany’s return will definitely work in his favour. It could allow him to skip that grieving process of his and Daisy’s relationship and the cheating. But, I think that Bethany would be a temporary hold for Daniel just now. It may seem that she is a safe place for him because it would mean he doesn’t have to spend his evenings and weekends alone thinking about his failed relationship. Ultimately, I do think the history between Daniel and Daisy will have to be resolved and come back to the fore again. 
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