Sunday, 22 February 2009

Brooke Vincent on being Sophie Webster

Brooke Vincent, who plays Sophie Webster, says in an interview with The Sunday People that there's only one topic of conversation that boys want to have with her - and it's Rosie Webster! She told the paper: "I was on holiday recently in Gran Canaria and I was stood at the bar getting a drink and this lad asked, 'Are you off Coronation Street?' "I said I was and smiled and he shouted to his mate across the other side of the pool, 'Ryan, come here, come here! You know that fit bird out of Corrie?' And his mate goes, 'Yeah.' And he says, 'Well, that's her sister!' " You can read the full interview with Brooke right here.

Brooke has been on Corrie now for five years and on-screen dad Michael Le Vell, who plays Kevin, reckons she's a legend in the making. I think he might be right.


Mimi Maguire said...

LOL Love the Gran Canaria story!
I think Sophie is one of the best little actresses on TV right now, and I love the dynamics between her, Rosie and her parents. I find it so realistic because I know families where the children are really different, as are Rosie and Sophie. I hope Sophie and Ben get it together and become one of the Street's very few 'for keeps' couples!

Flaming Nora said...

It made me laugh too when I first read it.

Anonymous said...

"I hope Sophie and Ben get it together and become one of the Street's very few 'for keeps' couples!"

Yes would have been nice but cories bosses aren't satisfied to have nice storylines, they have to put sick storylines on to currupt the young, shame on Brooke if she goes through with it, should be ashamed of yourself. I used to like her, think she was good actress, but if she and constipation street script writers go through with it then we are going to switch off. The soaps are poluting our minds, so time to switch off - not surprised ITV is going down the tube.

Anonymous said...

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