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Sunday 3 March 2024

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 1 March 2024

Good evening.  This episode is Wednesday's - I was not here last week as there was no Friday episode so we are one behind where we should be.  In consequence Lauren has gone missing and no-one seems to care whilst Tracy goes missing as does Tommy Orpington, allegedly out to dinner together.  Apparently he is no longer a decorator but is instead now a coach to Spanish football academy and will fly Weatherfield to return to the game very soon (he could turn into Roy Kent in Ted Lasso where he will run across Stu in a completely different role).  Once Steve gets tipped the wink on Tommy's new job he cannot wait to tell Tracy - if and when she turns up - after all Ken and Amy want her to leave the family home.  I wonder if she fancies a trip to Spain as well?

With everyone on the Street knowing the real names of the people anonymised in the Chit Chat article Daisy decides that the best way to respond is to contact the magazine and point out that she has not signed any consent or release for her story to be used and is not amused.  They tell her there is little then can do but within minutes Bethany has had a phone call telling her that they are not interested in any future articles from her if she cannot provide reliable releases for the information.  Both Daisy and Bethany decide that it is all Daniel's fault an not only shout at each other but also at Daniel.  Daisy also reveals that Lauren was blackmailing her and Ryan, which Daniel did not know.  Later Daniel makes it up to Bethany a proper apology.

In the light of the visit from Family Liaison Nick asks Dee Dee for guidance on likely events around Harvey's apparent appeal.  Given her memory for dates and facts Dee Dee soon realises that Harvey's appeal is being managed by her partner in crime the solicitors - Adam - and they exchange words.  He knows about Ronnie's insider trading so she has to keep quiet on the appeal and he will not tell anyone about the insider trading.  Adam is chasing Harvey to deal with the removal of Damon now that the wheels are in motion for an appeal before it all goes wrong.  Harvey asks Damon to do a little job to provide him with some readies when he is released but Damon refuses saying he has made a promise to Sarah to stay on the straight and narrow.

Evelyn and Cassie are cleaning the house ahead of the return of Ty and Fiz which is apparently happening shortly.  Cassie has been half living in Ty's car (which one would think he would be using to collect his wife - but never mind) so cleans it up but pours diesel into the petrol car.  In an act of selflessness Kev drains the tank and puts things right as well as telling Evelyn that it was his mistake.  Cassie wrongly assumes that Kev was doing it for her (he was doing it for Ty) and makes various comments about a good man needing proper rewards - so will soon be in Abi's crosshairs!

The bullying story rumbles along.  Mason has ensured that Dylan does not talk to Mrs Crawshaw and once he finds his confiscated phone Dylan finds that Mason is leaving voice messages telling him to enjoy his time off and to keep his name out of it.  Maria makes it clear to Sean that until Dylan does the right thing they are both on the naughty step.

Apparently it has all crystallised badly in Glasgow with Crystal and Ryan returns having read Chit Chat - which as everyone keeps telling us no-one ever reads - even when Mary has sent the story link to the entire content of her address book.  Ryan tells Daisy that it went wrong with Crystal because he could not stop thinking about her and with a blink of an eye the two are re-united - despite any warning which Jenny might provide that this has all the hallmarks of a rebound romance.  Ryan also makes things good with Carla.  

Is it just me or is it odd that Lauren and Joel have both vanished at the same time?  Some nice interplay between Tim, Steve and later Kev tonight.  I still think Cassie is too keen on Kev for Abi's good.  And if Ty and Fiz are back they were not on screen.

I won't be here next week even if Corrie is as I shall be in Iceland as part of my birthday celebration.  I hope I will get to see the aurora borealis but the forecast (yes they publish forecasts for it) are not looking great at the moment.  Also if I cannot get back due to any volcanic eruptions I might not be here the following week either!

Written by Joe Turner and Ella Greenhill.  Directed by John Anderson.


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