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Tuesday 12 March 2024

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 11th March

It's CSI Weatherfield tonight as DS Swain celebrated becoming a part of the cast by investigating Lauren's disappearance. Yes, its #LaurenGate. Now all someone needs to do is release a photoshopped picture of her on the swings at the Red Rec to add to the conspiracy. Anyhoo, poor Roy is is the frame as he cleaned Lauren's flat and paid off her debts, which is suspicious in Swain's cynical eye. At least Bobbly has been persuaded by the community that Roy is a good guy - although isn't that what people say when the nice quiet man next door is charged with unspeakable crimes? I am however liking Bobby's slight character change during this storyline, he was a bit much when he first arrived but has settled in (or down) now. We also learn that DS Swain's favourite stakeout take-out is a bacon barm, which seems a bit on the nose.

The reason Lisa (I think we've known her long enough now to use her given name) is checking out Lauren's flat is that the newly homeless Sean, determined not to end up at tent city again, views the precinct flat but isn't keen on renting somewhere with blood stains on the curtains. Dylan meanwhile is determined to plead guilty, despite Mason's fingerprints being found on the knife and the visiting cop's promise that he will get a custodial sentence, which I guess means Daniel will be teaching him English lit. Maybe Blubber by Judy Bloom? I know Mason isn't in this ep but I do wonder if the make up people have been exaggerating Luca Toolan's naturally long lashes to make him look like Alex from A Clockwork Orange?

Meanwhile Liam is being home schooled by Maria whose idea of being an educator is to buy lots of differently coloured exercise books. To be fair, Maria has experience in animal biology (kennelmaid-ing), civics (local politics) and beauty therapy (hairdressing). Not much experience in domestic science though - homeschool dinner is sausage, chips and beans. I'm sure most school dinners have at least one vegetable in them.

Another young man facing up to his crimes is Simon, who is prepared to take whatever the judge throws at him, although he's not above getting Sam to write a witness statement (presumably for the defence and not the prosecution). By the way, Simon's scrambled eggs and smoke salmon on toast looked pretty good - couldn't they get him cheffing in the Bistro?

Someone else dealing with the consequences of his action is a man on the other end of the age scale. Because Eliza is a little madam, she goes through Stu's pockets to get some money for the cinema and finds the £10K that Stu for some reason is carrying around with him. Just put it in the bank, FFS! Save it for Eliza's education or whatever. Yasmeen encourages him to tell her the truth, which seems like a bad idea - tell a kid who has found out that her mum is a murderer that her dad was prepared to sell her?? The best thing for this storyline would be for Eliza to go live with her dad in Germany and that'd be an end to it. She could always come back with a different head in 5 years time.

On the other side of the law is Damon who, to be able to afford his and Sarah's dream home, tells Harvey he wants a cut of the money from the mysterious "job" that Harvey is masterminding from his prison cell.

Apologies there are no pics this week - ITV hasn't released any preview photos and last week I took some screen prints from other sites, which then broke the whole blog!

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Fluttershy said...

Oh, Lisa Swain, you'll always be DS Ponytail to me...

Bobby Dazzler said...

Roy wore gloves and yet his fingerprints will be on the condom wrapper....very neatly wrapped up.
This must be where DS Swain becomes a regular on the program....she is gay and there aren't any other gay women on the street.Will Sophie return? Will we meet another new character?
Of course we know Roy isn't a killer...we all know it's Dirty Nigel. But...WHO is Dirty Nigel??

Humpty Dumpty said...

The scene where Eliza found the money was so badly written. The least Stu could have said was 'Can you get it yourself.' Agree, she came across as a precious little madam and she wouldn't be missed if she left. And neither Stu nor Yasmeen snatched the money out of her hand! Oh, Stu, can you go to Germany with them? Bobby is improving as he thankfully tones down so quite liking that storyline.

Anonymous said...

Despite comments to the contrary I don't think Bobby is improving per se as he's the one who put Roy in the frame in the first place telling Swain and Craig about Roy trying to help Lauren and being the last one seeing Lauren alive after he fired her due to accusations of theft despite having no proof of Roy's involvement.
I am not looking forward to Bobby being the focus of the storyline and destroying Roy's good name.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of eliza and stu then there will be no reason to come back from Germany

Sharon boothroyd said...

I really hope that Eliza goes to Germany with Dom (if it's been mentioned, it's on the cards) and that Stu and Yasmeen are given another story line.
If Eliza does go, they'd have nothing to bond them and the relationship could fall apart.
Personally, I don't think the couple gel well.
Stu would be better off with someone like Gail, Beth or maybe even Jenny.
Like others, I still haven't warmed to Bobby.
I can't help thinking that he's only been brought in because he's a disabled actor. We haven't seen a lot of the actress who plays Izzy recently.
Sean and Dylan need a place to live. Hasn't Dev got a flat above his shop? Is the flat that Steve and Tracy used to live in vacant?
Why haven't any of these places been mentioned?

Anonymous said...

I liked Stu at first but they turned him into an idiot over Eliza. She has also changed. Used to be sweet but is now a brat. Hope's influence no doubt. Yazmeen needs someone more cultured, but why must she have a romantic partner anyway? She can lead a perfectly happy life with family and good friends.
The Izzy actress is heavily involved in disability rights, which probably explains her frequent absences.
I've completely lost track of all the flats above various businesses, but am pretty sure Steve and Tracy's is occupied.

Fluttershy said...

Adam and DeeDee live in the flat above the shop.


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