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Monday 2 October 2023

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Monday 2 October 2023

Monday 2nd October

PAUL AND BILLY SAY I DO At No.5, Gemma and Bernie help Paul prepare for his wedding, 

whilst In the bistro, the wedding guests take their seats. Bernie and Gemma walk Paul down the aisle where Billy waits for him, his heart full of love. Billy and Paul exchange vows, the registrar pronounces them married but after the ceremony Billy is shocked to discover his new husband has been keeping a secret from him.

TYRONE GETS QUESTIONED BY THE POLICE Angry Cassi storms off after being told to keep quiet at the meeting with the taxi firm and let Kevin, Tyrone and Abi do the talking. But they are distracted when a police officer arrives and tells Tyrone they have reason to believe his car was involved in a hit and run and they want to examine the car. In the cafe Tyrone finds Cassie with Evelyn and asks where Cassie was on September 11th as his car was used in a hit and run. Cassie denies she had anything to do with it but it is clear Evelyn doesn’t believe her.  Kevin finds Cassie drunk in Victoria Garden. Pointing out that she can’t go home in her current state, Kevin offers her the couch at No.13. 

AADI THROWS HIMSELF UNDER THE BUS Dev, Asha and Chesney find the door to the kebab shop smashed open.  When Chesney shows them the snow globe he found on the floor, Dev’s heart sinks knowing the snow globe belongs to Aadi. Asha warns Aadi that Dev knows it was him that vandalised the shop door. When the police arrive Dev tries to tell them it was a family matter but Adi accuses Dev of reporting him. Asha calls at the precinct flat and tells Aadi that it was Chesney who reported him, not Dev.  Aadi reveals that Dev offered Courtney £5k to leave him so as far as he’s concerned, their Dad’s an idiot.  As Asha leaves, Courtney tells Aadi she’s proud of him and leads him to the bedroom.

ELSEWHERE At the bus stop, Dylan and Mason enjoy some banter while Liam struggles with his asthma.  Mason pokes fun at him and Gary clocks the exchange, unimpressed. Yasmeen arrives back from Pakistan and is shocked when Stu reveals how Dom tried to demand cash in return for custody of Eliza.

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1 comment:

Fluttershy said...

Some odd Peep Show style camera angles at the wedding there.

So that's why Summer's been hauling around that old polaroid camera, what an awkward plot contrivance that was!

That would have been better if Billy had told Paul he couldn't get married in a church and refused to do it. Corrie hasn't really explored Billy's feelings over this, he's gay and in love yet he's an arch-deacon to a god who preaches homosexuality is a sin. Poor Billy must be torn up inside here.

But they legally got married in the Bistro with a registrar (hardly the most salubrious venue, is it) - whatever happened in the church was either a blessing (which the C of E is oddly OK with) or just a photoshoot. It certainly wasn't a wedding, as they were already married. I wonder if Bishop Brennan will see it that way!


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