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Tuesday 3 October 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 2nd October

Paul and Billy - Coronation Street - ITV 

Double gays! My two favourite Corrie writers, Damon Alexis Rochefort and Jonathan Harvey, wrote tonight's episode, the main story of which is Corrie's first gay wedding. I think we can say gay, can't we, rather than same-sex? We've never seen Billy or Paul snog a lady like that Marcus did.

Paul and Billy - Coronation Street - ITV

Anyway, Billy said on Friday (Wednesday) that it was going to be a perfect day, which of course made me think Monday'd be a disaster but it all goes off smoothly and there's even a surprise second wedding at St Mary's, where Shelly's funeral was filmed. Presumably the church did a 2 for 1 filming deal, there's even 2 members of the gospel choir who've been hanging about for a week in order to do Paul's fave song, Oh Happy Day. Other musical numbers are a John Lewis advert version of YMCA at the Bistro ceremony and some PRS to Jimmy Somerville.

Not sure about the guest list though - where's Mary? Surely she'd want to attend the Street's first gay wedding? Plus she's Billy's friend, she knows him better than the Alahans - unless Asha and Nina are there to represent the LGBTQ crew, especially since Sean seems to have been disinvited. It's all good though, the bishop doesn't turn up in a Lady Whiteadder type way and Paul doesn't collapse and die at the wedding. The only homophobic fly in the gay ointment is that Summer drops one of the polaroids she's taken at the wedding in the church (this is why we should stay digital and not go all retro-futuristic), which I guess is gonna lead to Billy being demoted from Arch-deacon or even leaving the church? There's always a job in packing :-)