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Monday 16 October 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 16th October

Craig, Peter, Carla and DS Swain - Coronation Street - ITV 

So, what did everyone think of Super Soap Week? I enjoyed it until the denouement, where young healthy people such as David, Nick, Saran and Michael all stood around and just watched Stephen threaten Jenny. It would have been quite easy to bum-rush him or for David to call the cops when he went off to get the car. 

Anyway, the hole-punch killer is dead. Poor old Jenny, her hubby dies in a sinkhole that was supposed to be fixed by her boyfriend, then her boyfriend is killed by the fella she snogged ("We were on a break!") with whom she gets together, who then holds her as a human hostage with a broken bottle. Maybe the trauma will lead her to don the wig again (see above).

Michael and Sarah survey the scene outside the pub, where no-one has left flowers, not even Audrey. They'd make quite a nice couple, wouldn't they? Although I assume her almost being killed might persuade Adam to get back together with his "Sirrah". Audrey and Sally are angry with Peter, Audrey because she believes Peter killed her son and Sally because she thinks Stephen was about to tell her where he'd left Tim before Peter hit him with his cab. D.S. Blonde Ponytail overhears the squabble and she ends up arresting Peter.