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Monday, 28 January 2008

FAQ: Can I visit the Street set?

In what I will try to make a regular blog post, time permitting, I'm going to try my best to answer the frequently asked questions I'm asked, er, frequently by email by readers of the Coronation Street Weekly Updates.

Number one on the list of things which Corrie fans like to know is whether the Coronation Street set is still open to the public. The answer, I'm afraid, is no.

Full details are on


mrs jackson said...

i think you should be able to visit it ,, you might up your viewing list

Faye said...

You can no longer visit the Coronation Street set as Granada closed its studio tour in 1999 to expand the exterior set. There were plans to reopen but these have been thrown into doubt because the future location of Granada is not known.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how they could open it up to the public given that the set is now needed so extensively in the filming schedules.

When it closed, the show was only on 3 times a week, not five episodes

Anonymous said...

I will be visiting England sometime in the next year and I would love to be able to visit the set. Is there any way to get a pass or something for a Canadian visitor?

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