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Tuesday 18 April 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 17th April


Love is in the air on Corrie tonight, although not quite as expected in some quarters. Over at Kate Oates Memorial, it seems like Ryan is getting better and also that Rylya will be back on, especially when she brings him paneer and paratha, which has got to be better than hospital food. But no, she friendzones him, but all is not lost as Daisy arranges for professional Scouser Crystal (Krystal? Cristal?) to visit him and she still seems to fancy him, bandages and all. All chicks love a scar, Ryan. By the way, what happened to Alya's salesman boyfriend? Pumped and dumped, I assume.

Bad news from that room the production team are still using as court (magistrates, crown, it doesn't matter) as Justin-who-I-still-find-sexy-even-though-he's-a-stalker-and-acid-attacker-please-don't-comment-that-stalking-isn't sexy-I-do-know-that-thanks pleads not guilty to aggravated assault of Ryan, leading to Daisy and Ryan both worrying about having to appear in court. I do wonder whether Daisy and Ryan are going to have a thing, based on their shared trauma?

Coronation Street catch-up: Beth Sutherland is revealed as a bigamist in a  bombshell storyline twist

Talking of affairs, Beth has a milkshake smooch with handsome Mario down by the precinct and Faye and Jackson get closer as they take Miley to a basketball game, paid for by Craig, who doesn't attend. Craig's signed his own divorce warrant there. But really, who wouldn't prefer overly tall Jackson who looks like various Madchester popstars smooshed together over Craig who spends all his time getting crime wrong and hanging out with his mum? I presume the Beth/Mario and Faye/Jackson stories are going to run in tandem until Beth finds out and hypocritically hits the roof, until she too is discovered in adultery with Manly Mario, probably by Hope as she takes a sneaky pic of the two of them.

By the way, it seems Lubo, the star of the Weatherfield Giants, is the new Tommy O, the one everyone crushes on. I look forward to his casting.