Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Would you buy Craig Charles' life story?

So, news this week is that Craig Charles, who plays Coronation Street's Lloyd Mullaney and also a top DJ and actor, is going to write his autobiography. Well, when I say write I mean 'reveal his hell', and when I say reveal his hell (well, no I don't but The Mirror does) I do mean of course that someone somewhere will be getting paid a fat wodge to write the book for him. And do you know what? I might just be one of those who buy it to read.

Which Corrie stars' books has anyone else read? I read and really enjoyed Amanda Barrie's (Alma Baldwin) and Julie Goodyear's (Bet Lynch) is definitely worth a read too. I read that book in one sitting. I just couldn't put it down, but I cried at the end of Amanda Barrie's book.


Tvor said...

I've read Pat Phoenix's, which was good. She actually wrote two, i think i read the one about her earlier years. I've read Lynn Perrie's. It was as awful as everyone says it is. I've read Julie Goodyear's as well and i have Jean Alexander's here that i've not read yet.

Matthew Duffell said...

I used to run a little charity bookshop in Chorley and whenever anything like that ever came up I would snatch it up! I got Bill Waddington's autobiography. It was a signed first edition!

Anonymous said...

Red Dwarf Rulz !

My friends and I have been fans for YEARS! We have all the shows on DVD and watch them so often we're supprised we've not worn out the discs. LOL :) our utter disgust - Craig Charles is wasting his tallent on that gawd awful rubbish -Coronation Street. * NOooooooo!!!
= We still Love Red Dwarf! But... Craig, Craig, Craig -Tut Tut!
* We love Craig, you but your tallent is wasted on a crappy soap.
We'd love to watch you on any other type of t.v series or on the big screen, but a soap - Nooooo!

Peace :)

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