Wednesday 3 June 2015

Coronation Street tour to end December 31st 2015

Today, we have received confirmation that the Coronation Street tour at Quay Street, Manchester will come to an end on 31st December 2015.

The Tour, operated by Continuum Attractions, opened initially on 5th April 2014 for a six month period but due to public demand, extended planning was granted by Manchester City Council, allowing visitors to continue enjoying the unique experience over Christmas and throughout 2015.

Since opening, the attraction has welcomed over half a million visitors to the former site where Coronation Street was filmed before its move to MediaCityUK. Visitors can explore behind the scenes of the soundstage studio featuring the green room, dressing rooms, interior sets such as The Rovers Return, The Kabin and The Duckworth’s and the backlot set of Coronation Street’s famous cobbles.

Juliana Delaney, CEO of Continuum Attractions said: “We are incredibly proud of the unique experience we have been able to deliver for hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the world. This December we’ll be saying farewell to something extraordinarily special and are truly privileged in operating the attraction to have played a part in making this unique opportunity available for the public to enjoy.”

James Penfold, ITV Controller of Partnerships (Commerce & Ventures) added: “The tour at Quay Street was always for a limited time and the demand has exceeded all our expectations. However, all good things have to come to an end and the Coronation Street lot will be removed in early 2016 for the site to be returned to Allied London for future development.”

Coronation Street’s new home is at MediaCityUK and the Tour at Quay Street was always for a limited time. Consequently, Decemberwill now see in the final visitors tothe attraction,after which, the site will be handed back to its new owners, Allied London making way for the redevelopment of the site.

All remaining tickets have now been released and are available from

More information can be found at

Our Coronation Street Blog team has already made plans to make a final pilgrimage to the old Coronation Street set before it ends this year.  Will you be going again?

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  1. What a crying shame that this part of the development isn't a graded listed site of important historical importance! This needs and should be kept for posterity and in my humble opinion should *NEVER* have been included in the sale. I'm glad the closing date was extended and it could make a lot more money and see many many more visitors if it were kept open. :(

    I would *LOVE* to go again as I've not visited since the old Granada Studio tours ended and not working means I can't afford to go despite living in Manchester.

    I wonder if Continuum would be interested in a competition of some kind for some free admissions or even this blog site? :D

  2. It is a shame. Maybe ITV will pay to transport it somewhere or put the memorabilia into a musuem. Yes I plan to go again in September. One last look.

  3. It was a magical experience :)

  4. Shame. I won't make it in time from Oz. I was hoping it would stay open indefinitely....

  5. May I ask your opinion? I'll be in London at the end of Sept., and have a free day at the end of my visit. I'd have to train it up and back in the same day, on the Virgin train. Is it worth doing such a crazy thing?

    I would really love to see the set, but wanted to ask the opinion of those who have gone on the tour. It sounds like so much fun, but some reviews on Tripadvisor were a little negative. I prefer to be on the positive side, myself.

    As an aside, I don't post here, but thoroughly enjoy the blogs, and everyone's smart, funny commentary. Great job, all!

    1. It is certainly a wonderful experience, especially going around the exterior set. But it's your choice! :)

  6. Tee from Canada4 June 2015 at 11:23

    I went once, many years ago, and my photos of the experience hold fond memories. I thought it was great, and I would absolutely go again, given the chance. If you are a real fan of Corrie, then I should think it would be a worthwhile visit.

  7. I did find the tour on the inside of the set a little rushed. You don't get the chance to stop and really look at things but having said that, it's still good! Lots to see and lots of great information. The tour guides are very good and then you get to spend as much time on the outside set as you like. I'd say if you can get a cheap train ticket (sign up in advance at or to get an email when the cheap tickets are released) it's worth it! You can then have tea at Annie's (Jennie McAlpine's restaurant in the city centre) afterwards.

  8. Thanks all! I appreciate the help. I am going to try to arrange to go. It's not that far, and I'd hate to miss it.

    Just walking around the cobbles would be a thrill. It's the end of my vacation, so I may treat myself. Why not?

    Thanks for the train and restaurant tips! Very helpful.