Thursday, 30 May 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 29 May 9pm

Slap bang in the middle of this weeks week-long Corrie #TheTruthHurts special, here is my review of the latest episode.

Last nights' lakeside confession from David, finally admitting the truth about Nick's fiendish fiscal crime, has rocked Audrey to her core. Doubly bereft at the theft and deceit from within her own family, Audrey struggles to accept this duplicitous behaviour from her own grandsons. Blaming the late Lewis for the steal, Audrey gives Nick a well-deserved slap, and Nick then physically assaults David in retaliation.

Sally's exciting equestrian escapades (!) continue with the old nag still in her back garden, as her posh social-climbing meal for Paula begins. As the gang head outside to the porch, Sally's nag has done a poo on Yasmeen's plant and does a wee on the solicitor's shoes. Hilarious!?.

Carla's psychosis continues to loom large as the police pay a visit to Roy's flat to investigate Rana's murder. As Peter pleads for clemency the detective continues to question Carla, and Peter calls for the social worker. Escaping to the toilet, Carla fakes taking her tablets, surely only adding to her woes.

At Ricks office, Sharon has a sudden attack of conscience and leaves, as Rick continues his torturous campaign against a bloody, beaten, and gagged Gary.
With Rick suddenly called away on business, a bound Gary manages to reach the phone and makes a seemingly final frantic call to Sarah. Rick returns with a golf club but before he can give Gary what for, there's an urgent hammer at his office door. Can Gary escape this dreaded fate?.

Back at the lodge, Audrey delivers her news to the disbelieving Platt clan and announces that Nick and David are going to face the consequences of the crime. Although Gail pleads for her sons, I think we can assume Audrey is going to use the full force of the law?.

Let's see what tonight brings!

Speak next week!.


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Louby said...

I read the preview of last night's episode and there was a line in it that said the roof saboteur would be revealed - I thought I must have nodded off and missed it but as you didn't mention it, I guess it's still a secret!

Gary though, what was that other thing he said in his message to Sarah that we didn't hear!

coconno196 said...

Presumably it was Sharon who called the police, but why on earth didn't Gary ring them??! Sarah won't have got the message yet, as she left her phone in Weatherfield.

Sara said...

And how did he get the phone back on the desk?

Anonymous said...

Gary didn't know that though, did he?

CK said...

Did Rick run out a side-door or something? Sarah called Leanne, maybe Leanne called the police?

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I assume Gary confesses on the message he left for Sarah which we will later see him frantically erasing....Hilarious that he gets the phone and instead of calling the police or 911, he leaves a drawn out, sentimental message for Sarah! Does he want to die?! Doesn't deserve to survive based on something as random and unpredictable as Sharon's newfound conscience.

Fluttershy said...

Well, he wouldn't call 911 because he's not in America...
But yes, it's ridiculous he didn't call the police. But then again, between Gail shooting Lorraine Kelly and Sally's horse escapades, ridiculous seems to be the way Corrie is going.

Anonymous said...

It's 999 in the UK!

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