Saturday, 19 January 2019

Audrey Roberts and the Curse of Grasmere Drive

Last night in Coronation Street, Audrey Roberts mentioned that she'd have to move out of her home in Grasmere Drive because she's got dry rot.

She really is in a right old pickle with that house, it deserves a mini-series of its own. Can you image? Forget Coronation Street, the real action takes place on Grasmere Drive.  That house has seen enough drama, it's a soap opera in itself.

Back in 1998, Roy Cropper and Spider Nugent camped out in Audrey's front garden in protest over developments at the Red Rec.

In 2001 Alma died away in her bedroom at Grasmere Drive where she'd been living with Audrey.

In 2002, Richard Hillman attempted to make Audrey seem mentally ill so he could get his hands on her money. He set fire to the house by leaving a tea towel near a pan on the stove.

In 2005,  Fred Elliot decides to give a statue to Audrey as a present. When Fred's looking for an appropriate spot in Audrey's garden for the statue the ground opens up and Fred falls down a big hole.

In 2006 Fred Elliott passed away in the hallway of the house, I said, he died on her doormat.

In 2013 Audrey announced her house had significant rising damp problems. Owen Armstrong repaired it, but Audrey had to move out and live in the salon flat with Maria. 

In 2018, Lewis dies in her bedroom.

And now, Audrey has dry rot and has to move out of her home. This has caused her to sell half her salon to Claudia, leaving Nick and David to set up the barber shop in competition to Audrey's salon.

Get your house fixed, Audrey! Or move!  Grasmere Drive is a curse!

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Anonymous said...

She could earn money by running an AirBnB and that itself would open up more plots and characters for the sub soap. The house is a mini mansion from past showings.

Flo said...

You forgot to mention Maria coming to live with her when she and Liam were having problems, back when she lost baby Paul.

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