Friday, 20 May 2016

Top 10 grisly deaths on Coronation Street

With Callum's body being found next week on Coronation Street, it's time to take a look back at other gruesome goings-on in our favourite show.  Here's my top 10 favourite (if that's the right word to use!) most grisly deaths in Corrie.

1. Anne Malone dies inside the freezer at Freshco

2. Tony Gordon walks back into the inferno of Underworld and kills himself.

3. Colin Fishwick is buried under the foundations at Underworld by serial killer John Stape. John then had to dig the body up!

 4. Harry Hewitt was crushed to death in 1967 when a van he was repairing fell on top of him.

5. Alison Webster ran in front of a lorry and killed herself.

6. Alan Bradley crushed by a Blackpool tram.

7. Jez Quigley dies from a ruptured spleen, a result from being beaten up by Jim McDonald. Jez died trying to kill Steve McDonald in hospital.

8. Patricia Hillman was beaten over the head with a spade by ex-husband Richard Hillman and then buried in the ground.

9. And speaking of Richard Hillman, Maxine's death was a nasty one too. She really should have stayed at the party!

10. Charlie Stubbs was a nasty piece of work, of that there is no doubt. But did he deserve to have his head smashed in by Tracy Barlow and an ornament?  Cue the sexy-sex dance!

Any more nasty Corrie deaths you'd add to this list?

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Tvor said...

Then there was the hapless Joe McIntyre, trying to fake his own death but ended up drowning instead! Oh and there was John Stape throwing the hammer at Charlotte, though we only saw the wreath pop off the other side of the door as her body slammed into it, moments before the tram crashed.

Louby said...

So many to choose from! Don Brennan in his exploding taxi, Brian Tilsley being stabbed, Liam being run over. Electrocution, that's quite gruesome and how Valerie Barlow and Lesley Kershaw met their end.

Anonymous said...

Katy Harris killing her dad with a wrench(I think) and then later, herself with an overdose of sugar. Dismal.

Flo said...

Liam getting hit by a car, his body flying through the air. Made even more sinister with the scene later on showing Tony Gordon cleaning out his wallet and throwing it in the water.

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