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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Really Nice Person: Fri May 21, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Peter Whalley (7:30) and John Kerr (8:30), directed by Terry Dyddgen-Jones

Becky and Steve are preparing Amy for a family trip to the prison to see Tracy.  Steve tells Becky that they need to try and get on with Tracy for the sake of theirMay-21-2010-Steve-Tracy adoption dreams.  At the prison, Steve and Becky greet Tracy with crossed arms.  Tracy tells Steve and Becky that there’s no way she’s going to give them a good reference and they’ll be kiddie-free zones for the rest of their lives.  Becky takes Amy to the play room as Steve talks to Tracy alone.  Steve tells Tracy how fantastic that Becky’s been with Amy and part of why he loves her is for what she’s done with Amy.  Steve tells Tracy that Becky’s desperate for a child of her own and doesn’t deserve having Tracy trying to stop her.  Steve also says that it was Becky that brought Amy down to see Tracy and she deserves some support.  He tells Tracy to make the reference a good one.  Will Tracy soften?  Tracy decides to give them a good review since if Becky has a child of her own she’ll be less inclined to think Amy is hers. 

Tracy tells this to Gail later, and Gail reckons she’s a lot nicer than she wants people to believe since she’s been a great support to her.  Gail tells her she’s a “really nice person.”    Oh, don’t be so sure about that. While Gail is out, Tracy asks the guard if someone’s talked to her about her moving cells.  Tracy says she must move today.  It seems the detectives May-21-2010-Gail-angryfollowed Tracy’s advice since they show up at the cottage to do a more thorough scan of the place.    Well, whattayaknow, they find a rolling pin hidden behind the cupboard.  Oh, this is looking very, very bad for Gail now.  The detectives think the rolling pin is still questionable.  Gail gets summoned out of her cell later since her solicitors are there. 

Poor Gail.  Her solicitors show her what her “cellmate” has been saying and Gail insists it’s a lie.  Her solicitor says the police have found the corroborating evidence – the rolling pin.  Gail suddenly remembers the conversation she had with Tracy about when her and Joe were making biscuits and how she hid the rolling pin from him.  Gail has no idea why Tracy would do that.  The solicitor tells Gail that this bit of evidence (lie) will get her some sort of reward from the powers that be – something that they must make sure comes out in court.  Gail says she never killed Joe like they said she did, but she could kill Tracy.  Back at the cell, she realized Tracy had been moved and she knows why.  This is definitely when the sh*t hits the fan for Gail.May-21-2010-Barlows-tea

Deirdre’s at the salon getting her hair “did” by Audrey and starts bawling over Tracy and her predicament.  Oh, something tells me Audrey won’t be so  sympathetic soon.  In walks a face I haven’t seen for a while – Lewis’.  He asks her out that evening and manages to charm Deirdre as well asking her and Ken to join them.  Ken isn’t interested in going to tea with Audrey and Lewis since he was in the middle of a good book.  I wonder if it was one of Blanche’s Maeve Binchy novels he been bequeathed.  At tea, Lewis tells Deirdre that he thinks people are more interesting than books, when she asks if he reads.  I don’t necessarily agree!  Lewis can see that Deirdre is not content with the amount of attention she gets from Ken. 

Later, Nick hears from Gail as to what Tracy’s done and things aren’t looking good – again.  David thinks that what Tracy did is the most evil thing.  Wow, coming from David Platt you know it’s bad.  David loses it and heads directly over to No.1 and finds Ken and Deirdre to be in the Rovers.  David storms in on Deirdre’s tea with friends and tells all what Tracy’s done.  Deirdre can’t believe what she’s hearing, but Nick comes in to confirm it.  David threatens the Barlows that if Tracy doesn’t tell the police she’s lying then she’s going to be sorry and so will they.  Oh, I’d take that threat seriously – especially if you enjoy your window panes.

Becky has to explain to Amy later – who heard everyone calling her mum a murderer and a liar in the pub – that no one thinks her mum is terrible.  Just that sometimes grown-ups row.  Oh, lying to kids.  Becky tells her that all that matters is May-21-2010-Peter-Davidthat her mum, dad and her love her.  Steve overhears this and looks lovingly at Becky.   

Back in prison, it’s good luck since Gail has her old cell mate back.  Bad luck since they might be cell mates for much longer than Gail had originally hoped for.  At home, David’s losing it and grabs a piece of brick from the builders yard and almost throttles it towards the Barlows when Peter stops him and tells him that whatever Tracy’s done it’s got nothing to do with Ken and Deirdre.  David talks to Graeme later and figures that they need another witness.   Someone else who was there that night.  He figures they could bribe a witness but Graeme warns against that, but as usual, David doesn’t listen.  Oh, May-21-2010-Graeme-Tinaboy.   

Graeme goes to see Tina and she’s irate since she’s gotten a letter in the mail from the courts to be a witness for the prosecution.  Being called in for a witness  doesn’t do much for agoraphobia now does it?  Tina says she can’t go, because she’s just too overwhelmed.  Graeme leaves and goes directly to the salon where he tells David that Tina has decided not to testify for the prosecution.  David gets excited and tells Nick the news and Nick also thinks this will help them out big time. 

May-21-2010-Rosie-Graeme Graeme tries it on again with Rosie and listens to her witter on about some promotion and other self-indulgent crap.  She says she has nothing to do, and he suggests they could hang out.  She says that she’d hang out with him for just a drink.  They could go to the Rovers and pretend they just bumped into each other since she doesn’t want people thinking they're a couple or anything.  Graeme can’t believe what he’s hearing and agrees to meet her in about an hour.  On his way to meet Rosie he picks up a kebab and chips for Tina who is sobbing her eyes out.  She says she spoke to the police about the trial and they still want her to testify, but she can’t do it.  He tells her to eat, then they can talk all about it – regardless of where he’s supposed to be.  Meanwhile, Rosie’s waiting around in the bar for someone who’s not going to show.  She gets fed up and leaves, while Graeme is consoling Tina on the couch.  He goes to Rosie’s to make some excuse later, but she sees right through it and wonders what’s become of her since Graeme stood her up.  He begs for a second chance, but she’s not giving those out. 

Hayley tells Roy that her salsa dress is to be delivered today and if he could ring her when it comes in.  Roy is suspicious about this dress and Hayley continues toMay-21-2010-Hayley-Roy give him the cold shoulder.  The salsa instructor arrives with the dress and Hayley comes over to check it out. She thanks the instructor and asks Roy what he thinks.  Roy says he finds it hard to picture Hayley in that dress.  Oh, well, I have a picture of her in it if he’d like it!  Hayley is insulted, Roy defensive and the instructor awkwardly in the middle.  Hayley shuts down and says he won’t have to see her in it, because she’ll never wear it now.  Later, Roy hands some cash over to Hayley and says it’s for the dress since she should have it.  Oh that Roy, he tries, he fails, but he tries.  Hayley takes the money and goes to get her dress back, only to find it’s been sold to somebody else.  Roy does a terrible job trying to make Hayley feel better. 

May-21-2010-Izzy Meanwhile, the factory is still leaking and the girls are worried about their health and safety.  It’s Kirk’s interview today and Izzy cheers him on even though he thinks he has no chance.  Kirk is waiting at Underworld for his interview and is sweating buckets – probably literally if you recall what he did to David Platt’s dress shirt on the night he met Izzy.  Carla managed to keep Kirk waiting for an hour and seven minutes.  I cannot imagine how much sweat and nerves have accumulated at this point.  Carla takes a call in the middle of their interview only to tell Kirk later that he wasn’t suited for a factory environment.  He tells this to Izzy who’s waiting outside and she suggests a drink.  Izzy thinks that Carla didn’t even give him a chance.  Izzy finds Carla outside loading fabrics and gives her a piece of her mind. Carla agrees to talk to her inside if it’ll get rid of her.  Izzy tries to convince Carla that if she could do that job, so could Kirk.  Instead, Carla offers Izzy the job much to her shock.  Izzy tells Kirk she’s gotten the job and he’s happy for her.  Carla comes into the pub and tells Kirk she’s sorry the job didn’t work out but she’s got a job he could do.  She asks if he could be their delivery driver for a few weeks and he’s so delighted he embraces her in a hug. 


- The conversation between the two detectives whilst searching the cottage.  One detective complains that his wife is always asking to go to a cottage on the lake.  Yeah, like he’d take her now! 

- How Graeme roughly pats Tina on the shoulder as though she’s one of his mates.  Just because you’re “just friends” with a woman doesn’t mean you pat her on the shoulder!  Ha-ha, he’s obviously smitten!

- Kirk cleans up quite nice in a suit!

- Graeme tells Roy that he’s a red-hot love machine, then asks if he’s with him.  To which, Roy answers “not very often.”

- It was nice to see Graeme without that cap on!  He has nice hair! 


- Ugh, that nasty Tracy Barlow!  I felt so sorry for Gail and Deirdre this episode.  And even little Amy. 

- Carla making Kirk wait an hour and seven minutes for his job interview!  She even manages to take a phone call in the middle of the interview!  What a rude cow!

- Rude little superficial Rosie telling Graeme to meet her for a drink incognito since she doesn’t want people thinking they’re a couple or anything.  Oh, get over  yourself.  Then, get a personality. 

Overall Episode Review: 7.5/10

Drama: 9/10, Humour: 7/10, Classic Corrie: 6/10, Wow Factor: 8/10


David Cameron said...

What is it with Gail and polo necks, she was wearing one in prison again yesterday? Who keeps a rolling pin in a wardrobe, the Joe murder storyline just gets more and more far fetched. Pretty boring episodes yesterday IMO.

Anonymous said...

Plot drag...needs lift off soon or else lose interest...

Fishwife said...

Rolling pin in a wardrobe? Doesn't everybody?
Mind you it's a fag having to schlep to the pantry every time you get dressed.

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