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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Corrie Awards for 2009

Ok, it's the post you've all been waiting for. I thought back over the year's storylines, images and moments and picked some of my favourites. They are very tongue in cheek because I wanted something a little different than the usual "Best and Worst" type of list, though there are some of those as well. So, let's get on with it, shall we?

Funniest images:
Kirk as Hiya Lowa
Blanche as an aviator
Blanche as the fortune teller
Becky falling over legless at her first wedding to Steve
Graeme dressed as Liz McDonald

Community events
Street fundraiser party for Claire's charity
Christmas panto like the old days

My most embarassing moment award:
Gold Star: Dev's humiliation by Tara. He slept with his married friend's wife then fell in love with her daughter. He had a one night stand when he thought she'd left him and lied to her face when she tried to get him to admit it. So she publically humiliated him by posting a nude picture of him across the side of a building.
Silver Star: Gail Platt found a man who seemed like a really nice bloke. But he had problems with depression and debt and then got addicted to painkillers. He broke into the clinic, where she worked, to try to steal some from there. Of course the whole Street heard the alarm and witnessed her humiliation. She didn't chuck him out, but now has to sell her house to pay off his mounting debt.

Decisive moments
Gold Star: Tony turning himself in and confessing to Liam's murder, after trying to kill then saving Roy Cropper (and confessing to that, too!)
Silver Star: Ken deciding not to leave his comfort zone for life on a narrow boat

Horrific revelation
Gold Star: Maria finding out that the man she loves was the man that had her husband killed.
Silver Star: The discovery that Colin Grimshaw is Julie Carp's father, having had an affair with her mother, Eileen's best school friend, who was a schoolgirl of 15 at the time.

Worst hypocrite
Gold Star:
Kevin Webster. After thumping the older teacher that his 17 year old daughter was having an affair with and actually going to prison for it, he's turned around and is having an affair with a young woman only a few years older than his daughters who is also the wife of his best friend and business partner.

Best return
Gold Star:
Carla showing up at Liam's graveside making demands of Tony.
Silver Star: Nick Tilsley arriving at Christmas after flirting with his brother's ex-girlfriend.

Best (Worst) wedding:
Gold Star:
Becky and Steve. Bride got so drunk she forgot that she didn't actually get married and Steve didn't have the nerve to tell her. His Ex let the cat out of the bag, gleefully. The second time they really did get married but she was arrested on a false charge and spent her wedding night in the nick!
Silver Star: Tyrone (fainting at the altar because he thought he was arrested and had to go to the cop shop for charges after the wedding. Then after it was cleared up, his mother stole the honeymoon tickets to Paris.

"Was that really a good idea? award
Gold Star:
Maria for accusing Tony of murdering her husband (he did!) and then falling in love with him and getting engaged to him.
Silver Star: Ashley Peacock (with an unfortunately appropriate last name in this case) bottling out on having a vasectomy and lying to Claire about it. She "cut him off" when she found out.
Bronze Star: Peter Barlow, an alcoholic, wanting to open a bar with Leanne, an ex-prostitute who owned a restaurant and had it burned down.

Stupidity knows no bounds award
Gold Star:
Rosie Webster. She got £150,000 from Stape in retribution for his kidnapping her. She blew some of it on clothes and a car she couldn't drive but then got suckered into "investing" in Underworld by her boyfriend Luke Strong who then ran off with all her money. She then tried to blackmail Stape for more and when he stood up to her, pretended he assaulted her. Luckily she was made to admit it in front of everyone. Rollerskating through bars and pubs (filled with boozed up idiots) with "Pop my cherry" on her back isn't very smart, either.

So there you have 2009 in a nutshell. I'm sure there were more things of note if I could have remembered them and there were far too many great lines to list them all here. You can go back and look 'em up! I must keep a running list next year but feel free to add your own off-beat awards!

Happy New Decade, everyone!


Coronation Street Corner said...

I'd say Barbara Knox deserves an award for her portrayal of Rita during the Colin saga and Eileen Derbyshire as Emily in the Ramsay saga.

Merseytart said...

I'd put Gail as the gold medal winner for stupidest bint. She's putting her life into the hands of a man who has consistently lied to her - has she learned nothing from Richard Hillman?

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